League Of Exotique Dancers

Director Rama Rau
Genre Documentary
Country of Origin Canada
Language English
Supplier Storyline Entertainment
Release Date In theatres on May 13, 2016


Long before Madonna and Lady Gaga appeared on the scene, there were the Living Legends, star performers from burlesque's Golden Age. The feature documentary League of Exotique Dancers presents compelling portraits of these women whose lives were as colourful as their stage names.


Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Rama Rau (The Market, Aftermath) and produced by Emmy award winning producer Ed Barreveld (Herman's House, The World Before Her), League of Exotique Dancers is an intimate, character-driven film that looks into vintage burlesque's world of fun, frolic and feathers while uncovering the stories of poverty, racism and sexism that was rampant under all that glitter.

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