Santa Quest

Director P.J. Naworynski
Genre Documentary
Runtime 79 minutes
Country of Origin Canada
Language English
Supplier Tell Tale Productions
Festivals/Awards Official Selection - Atlantic Film Festival 2014
Release Date In theatres on December 16, 2014


Renowned Canadian actor John Dunsworth is a man on a mission. Famous for his portrayals of Jim Lahey on Trailer Park Boys, or Dave Teagues in Haven, this year John is tackling one of the most challenging acting roles of his illustrious career - a character that represents the most famous brand on the planet. One whose image and likeness have been depicted and debauched in more films, tv series, and commercial endeavours than any other character - ever.... Santa Claus.

Santa Quest is a feature documentary that follows John on a journey to become Santa Claus and bring home the gold for Canada at the Santa Winter Games in Sweden. Nearly 20 nations have sent their best Santas to the Winter Games over the past decade. Yet Canada has never medalled. Armed with a diary cam and a film crew, John's trek takes him from training at the Calgary Santa School, to the Basilica of St. Nicholas in Italy, to the Santa Village in Finland, to backstage with the Trailer Park Boys on tour.

Along the way, he discovers that Santa and Christmas are really about time and family. This is a theme that John is deeply interested in exploring. For John, the journey is a springboard to explore broader concepts of religion, belief systems, existentialism, and his own achievements and failures.

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