Porch Stories

Director Sarah Goodman
Genre Drama
Runtime 73 minutes
Country of Origin Canada
Language English
Supplier Sarah Goodman Films
Festivals/Awards Official Selection - Victoria Film Festival 2015
Release Date In theatres on June 19, 2015


PORCH STORIES centers on Emma, an intelligent but restless thirty-something who left behind a career she loved after her father died. Emma is packing to move to her new home with her workaholic fiancé when a man from her past shows up on her porch. As the day progresses Emma begins the inevitable comparison of the two men. One of them seems clearly the better choice, if only Emma's circumstances weren't as they are. But over the course of twenty-four hours her perceptions about love, her past and future radically shifts, throwing her planned-out life into confusion. Across the street, an elderly Portuguese couple argue about divorce, and a musical brother/sister duo pursues their dreams without worrying about the consequences.

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