The Guantanamo Trap

Director Thomas Wallner
Genre Documentary
Runtime 90 minutes
Supplier Guantanamo Trap Canada Productions Inc.
Festivals/Awards Special Jury Prize - Hot Docs Festival 2011
Release Date In theatres on March 30, 2012


In 2006, Murat Kurnaz was released from Guantanamo Bay after being detained for 5 years without trial. The same year, Matthew Diaz, a Navy lawyer was sentenced to 6 months of imprisonment for leaking the names of the detainees to a human rights organization. Four years earlier, Judge Advocate Diane Beaver was also deployed in Guantanamo. Here, she became the author of a legal memorandum that would later be nicknamed: the torture memo. Three encounters with Guantanamo, three individuals whose lives will be forever changed. Their stories are exemplary and yet unique. The roles they played are ambiguous; the usual definition of victim and perpetrator is secondary. In the legal grey zone of Guantanamo, notions of good and evil, right and wrong lose their meaning.

Special Jury Prize - Hot Docs Festival 2011

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